TCD Russian Society

When the current Russian society of Trinity College Dublin was set up it was already the fourth attempt to create a club for the promotion of Russian language and culture in Ireland’s oldest university. Established in April 2009 by a group of students at TCD’s Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, the society organises various events to promote Russian culture. Some notable examples are: Russian film nights, pub meetings, celebrations of traditional Russian holidays, the «Russian Ball», chess tournaments, public discussions about opportunities for doing business between Ireland and Russia and weekly classes of Russian for beginners.

The society holds fundraisers for the Irish charity To Russia With Love that supports orphanages in Russia. Members also organise “Russian nights” to introduce their fellow Trinity College students to Russian poetry, cuisine, folk music and dancing. In February 2010, the club helped Dublin City Council run the Russian festival of Maslenitsa by providing qualified interpretation services to festival guests who arrived from Moscow.

Networking with other associations that promote Russian culture is one of the society’s priorities. The organisation has already established links with the Russian student club of University College Dublin (UCD Russian Society). Plans include cooperation with similar organisations in Oxford and Cambridge.

According to existing partnership agreements, each academic year Trinity College takes in about twenty students from Russian universities such as Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University. Trinity Russian Society provides orientation and support to incoming Russian students.

The society has its own charter which sets down its rules and structure. Members hold annual meetings where they elect a chairman who nominates candidates for the positions of secretary, treasurer and manager for educational, entertainment and cultural activities.

The chairman’s duties include seeking sponsors, preparation of business evenings and representing the interests of members of the Russian society.

The society can be contacted via their Facebook page:

Русское общество Тринити Колледжа


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