Бизнес в Ирландии

Now is a very good time to consider starting a business in Ireland


The Irish economy is performing very well with strong growth in the past few years. There are many government supports in place to assist start up companies, in particular companies, which have the potential to grow quickly, and companies which plan to export. Here are the key steps involved in taking your business idea from […]

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There were more than 271,000 businesses operating in Ireland in 2017, the highest number on record, according to figures released recently from the Central Statistics Office


A few other interesting statistics : this figure was up 8.5% on the 2016 figure of 250,033 companies these companies employed around 1.55 million people the services sector accounted for 51 % of these companies, the construction sector accounted for 21.1 % construction had the biggest jump in people employed between 2013-2017 at 50% services […]

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Self-employed to benefit from the dole for the first time from November


Self-employed workers will be able to benefit from a welfare payment of €203 a week should they find themselves out of work from November. It will be the first time that the self-employed have been granted access to jobseeker’s benefit, and it will be paid at the same rate as those who are employed and […]

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Self-employed people to become eligible for jobseeker’s payment under new initiative


Self-employed people will become eligible to claim a jobseeker’s welfare payment from November, based on their social insurance contributions. The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty, has said the initiative will provide an income safety net to thousands of small and medium businesses throughout the country. However, the Irish Congress of Trade […]

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Translation company secures €500k funding


Full service translation and interpreting company, TRANSLIT, has secured half a million euro in funding through private equity firm, Clashrock Capital. Headquartered in Cork, with offices in Dublin and Limerick, TRANSLIT has an impressive portfolio of national and international public and private sector clients.  The company, which employs translators and interpreters all around the world, […]

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BUSINESS GROUP IBEC has said that Ireland “has a lot to lose” in the context of a US-EU trade war because of the country’s dependency on US steel


In its latest quarterly report, Ibec has predicted economic growth of 5.7% this year, ahead of similar forecasts by both the government and Central Bank, but warned of a number potential risks. The group says that Ireland’s economy has “firmly moved into a ‘post-recovery’ stage” with “households clearly benefiting from rising incomes” and a strong […]

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Арендодатель говорит, что не будет продлевать аренду для моего предприятия


4 года назад я открыл бизнес в Ирландии. До этого я не работал из-за того, что меня сократили. Я воспользовался программой back to work. Заключил договор аренды. Мы договорились, что арендодатель мне предоставит право находиться в помещении долгие годы. Я вложил все средства и сделал ремонт. Теперь, когда бизнес только начал приносить прибыль, арендодатель говорит, […]

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Инвестиционный фонд инноваций поможет ирландским предпринимателям


Местные управления по предпринимательству начали прием заявок на распределение финансовой помощи от «Инновационного фонда».

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Dublin Duona – 10 лет


Литовская пекарня в Дублине «Dublin Duona» отмечает свой первый юбилей!

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Российско-ирландский бизнес форум и торговая миссия B2B, г. Дублин, 29 -31 марта 2017 г.


Ирландско-Русский Торговый Дом при поддержке Посольства Российской Федерации и Общероссийской общественной организации «Деловая Россия» проводит комплексную многоотраслевую бизнес-миссию и форум российских и ирландских деловых кругов в столице Ирландии. 

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