“Smena” photography club

This club unites Russian photographers, both professional and amateur who live in Ireland. Founded in 2009, the club gets its name from the legendary camera “Smena 8M”, with which many of the club’s members took their first photographs. Most members of the organization live in Dublin, but there are members from all over Ireland. They all share a love of photography and native Russian language and culture.

The club is a member of the Irish Association of Photographers and participates in events and competitions hosted by the association. It also regularly organizes its own exhibitions, giving the Irish public the opportunity to get acquainted with how Russian-speaking immigrant photographers see the world around them.

For example, in 2011 as part of the Russian Maslenitsa festival in Dublin, the photo club held an exhibition “Born in the USSR”, dedicated to the former Soviet Union. Most of the work consisted of portraits, which show people from the former Soviet Union countries in different situations: an actor in the image of the king, a man playing chess on the street, an elderly woman in a headscarf. Still life compositions, and other kinds of photos were presented. That summer, several members of Smena came together for joint participation in the People’s Photography exhibition, which is held annually the last weekend of August. After that, the club organised its first print competition of the season which was judged by Paul Tymon, an experienced Irish photographer. Another exhibition was held in Dublin in November 2011.

Club members meet every week in Dublin city centre for seminars, competitions and classes. The club also conducts introductory lectures for novice photographers.

The photography club meets weekly on Wednesdays from 19:00 in the Lantern Centre at 17 Synge Street, Dublin.

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