Вторая мировая война

Nurse received MBE for wartime role on sinking hospital ship


Eileen Hourigan, who has died aged 93, was a nurse whose life-long vocation included an episode during the second World War during which she displayed great bravery and devotion to the welfare of others. Serving on a hospital ship that was torpedoed, Hourigan stayed on board saving patients as the vessel sank. As it upended […]

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William Patrick Hitler: The Irishman who fought his uncle


History is a complex and entertaining subject. Time after time, some unusual and surprising secrets appear from the deepest parts of history, about which one wants to learn more and more. Here we have such a secret, which not many would have known about. The story begins in 1909, by the banks of the river […]

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On-liane exhibition of wartime photos by Soviet News Agency TASS reporters


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War Embassy of Russia in Ireland publishes on its web-site exhibition of wartime photos by Soviet News Agency TASS reporters Photographs cover the period 1941-1945. The first photo of the exhibition depicts Moscow citizens listening to radio message about the attack of […]

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Irish Ally


Irishman George Reavey at the time of Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) lived in the USSR and was editor-in-chief of the frontline newspaper “British Ally” published in the Russian language. George Reavey was born on 1st of May 2007 at Vitebsk (Belorussia). He was the only child of a Russian mother Sofia Turchenko and her Irish […]

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Умер последний ветеран Ирландии.


Фил Фаррингтон, который воевал на стороне союзнических войск в Германии и во Франции, и помогал освободить концентрационный лагерь Берген-Бельзен, умер в возрасте 94х лет в своем доме в Дублине.

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Ирландия извинилась перед ветеранами


Ирландия больше не считает ветеранов войны с фашизмом предателями

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